Sustainability Policy


We aim to actively contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and tourism. To achieve this goal, we set ourselves objectives that include reducing the negative impact on the environment as well as the socio-cultural and economic impact of our product. We are willing to adapt our tourism policies and standards to make our contribution to sustainable development. We support our suppliers in achieving higher sustainability standards and actively raise awareness among our customers, encouraging them to adopt more sustainable travel behaviours.


Terra Montis Adventures (Kyrgyzkochkonkyz LLC)

In carrying out our activities, we use available resources efficiently and economically.
We work according to the principle of "respect for nature, for man and the world", so as not to harm the environment.
Our goal: to create favorable conditions for travelling, with the rational use of natural and human resources. Sustainable use of natural and human resources for the benefit of all.
This goal is at the same time a means to ensure our improvement with each passing day and reflecting our quality.
The following principles that we adhere to for our development and protection of the environment are constantly updated in line with modern requirements, yet never deviate from their purpose.

Environmental Policy:
  • Eco-friendly Practices: We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact through sustainable practices, including energy-efficient operations, waste reduction, and conservation initiatives.
  • We control and reduce our impact on the environment by means of an environmental management system
  • We work in harmony with the principle, "not to pollute the environment, but to clean it".
  • We invest in local economic development, continuous support for local employment and local suppliers, We contribute to the development of the local economy.
  • Introduce our guests to our country and traditions through our local products, cultures and workshops.
  • Consider biodiversity and ecosystems when formulating our environmental strategies and planning activities.
  • We promote the proper disposal of waste in compliance with local regulations and actively seek ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials throughout our operations.
  • We prioritize the use of environmentally friendly transportation options, such as fuel-efficient vehicles and partnerships with eco-conscious transport providers.
  • We believe in the power of education to drive positive change. Terra Montis Adventures provides environmental education to our staff, partners, and clients to raise awareness and foster a collective commitment to sustainability.
  • Our aim is to inspire responsible travel behavior that respects and protects the environment.
  • Inform customers of our tourist sites about the principles of our environmental policy by means of a tourist handbook.
  • "Our company will prioritize working with those accommodation properties that are able to operate sustainably, taking responsibility for their impact on the environment and society. Where we have sufficient volume, we may offer additional benefits such as marketing the hotel on our website or special contract terms."

Labor and Human Rights Policy:

Travel Company Terra Montis Adventures (Kyrgyzkochkonkyz LLC) , while performing its work, prioritizes social, cultural, fundamental rights and freedom of the individual, as well as the universal rights to health and safety by taking the necessary measures. We work without discrimination on the basis of religion, language, race, gender, sexual orientation,
physical ability of our employees. Our company was founded by 2 women.
We believe that we will contribute to the sustainability of tourism by acting in cooperation with the local government and taking part in solving social problems and we commit ourselves to fulfill the following:
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment,
  • Apply occupational health and safety requirements appropriately and take responsibility for this,
  • Not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, caste, national origin, disability, age, gender, sexual preference, association, labor union, and political affiliation in hiring, compensation, professional practice, training, incentives, promotions, layoffs or termination of employment or retirement,
  • Do not subject employees to methods of physical, mental, physical punishment and verbal pressure,
  • Provide opportunities for staff to clearly express their preferences and suggestions at meetings.
  • Ensure that all of our staff work in a team spirit and not individually,
  • Foster a sense of camaraderie among our employees and ensure the protection of their
  • confidential and personal information,
  • Conduct social events
  • Comply with legal regulations regarding working hours
  • We respect the rights of children and take the necessary measures to protect children from all forms of exploitation.
  • We ensure that all suspicious activities involving children are reported to the local authorities and relevant organizations.
  • Provide regular health and safety training for our staff.
  • We also provide a safe working environment by identifying risks and taking precautions in advance,
  • Ensure the equal and effective participation of women in business life, and increase the women's employment.
  • Provide training on sustainability in tourism and other training that contributes to the career development of our employees.
  • Always prioritize the principle of "equal work, equal pay" among our employees.
  • Creating and distributing higher economic value.
  • Creating a competitive advantage and ensuring sustainable profitability through the continuous improvement and development of our chain.
  • Ensure our suppliers' basic human rights are respected. Compliance with principles, equal opportunities and business ethics.
  • Work with suppliers who comply with all legal regulations, including safe working environment, working hours and remuneration.

Community Engagement Policy:
  • Community Engagement: Foster a collaborative approach by actively involving local communities in decision-making processes related to tourism activities.
  • Cultural Preservation: Prioritize the preservation of local cultures and traditions, ensuring that tourism initiatives respect and celebrate the unique heritage of the communities involved.
  • Economic Empowerment: Implement programs that contribute to the economic development of local communities, such as supporting local businesses, creating employment opportunities, and promoting fair wages.
  • Environmental Conservation: Promote sustainable practices to minimize the environmental impact of tourism, including waste reduction, energy efficiency, and the protection of natural resources.
  • Education and Awareness: Develop initiatives to educate both travelers and local communities about the importance of sustainable tourism, encouraging responsible behavior and mutual understanding.
  • Infrastructure Investment: Collaborate with local authorities to invest in community infrastructure, such as education, healthcare, and transportation, to enhance the overall well-being of residents.
  • Fair and Responsible Tourism: Ensure that tourism activities are conducted ethically and responsibly, respecting the rights and dignity of local residents and avoiding negative social or cultural impacts.
  • Capacity Building: Support the development of skills and capacities within local communities to enable them to actively participate in and benefit from the tourism industry.
  • Continuous Dialogue: Maintain an open and continuous dialogue with local communities to address concerns, gather feedback, and adapt strategies to ensure a positive and sustainable collaboration over time.
  • Terra Montis Adventures values suppliers engaged in community development projects, local employment initiatives, and those who prioritize the well-being of the destinations we explore.

Health and Safety Policy:

The main objectives of this policy are:
  • Implement appropriate preventative measures to provide a safe working conditions
  • Investigate all accidents and develop action plans to prevent recurrence.
  • Ensure that staff are fully trained in their duties, which will enable them to carry out all tasks in a safe manner.
  • Informing our employees, customers and suppliers of our policies in order to make them aware of their individual commitments to health and safety.
  • This policy is reviewed regularly to ensure it is consistent with the company's the company's operations and to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
Continuous Improvement:
  • Baseline Assessment: We regularly conduct baseline assessments to understand our current sustainability standing and identify areas for improvement.
  • Innovation: Terra Montis Adventures actively seeks and implements innovative solutions that contribute to the sustainability of the travel industry, both in-house and through collaboration with our partners.
By embracing these principles, Terra Montis Adventures strives to be a leader in sustainable tourism, fostering a world where travel is a force for good. Our sustainable policy is not just a commitment but a living philosophy that guides every decision we make, ensuring that our journeys inspire and uplift, leaving a positive and enduring impact on the global travel landscape.

We recognize that the sexual exploitation of children is a worldwide problem. In all our actions and operations, we actively oppose all forms of sexual exploitation of children around the world.

Please report cases of sexual or any other form of exploitation and harassment, especially of children and teenagers to your guide.

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