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The Great Silk Road

Central Asia - historically important for its position between Europe and East Asia with the legendary Silk Road. Nowadays capturing five 'stans' Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, the land of charming culture, breathtaking nature and warm-hearted people.

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We have been crafting holiday adventures to every corner of Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan overwhelms you at its breathtaking, untouched nature with the snow-capped mountains, yet a culture hewn from many millennia of nomadic living will add a landmark moment to your adventure. In Uzbekistan Silk Road palaces merge effortlessly with modernity. While Kazakhstan offers you futuristic architecture in the cities alongside vast steppes and rich history.

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We are a Central Asian travel company specialized in adventure and experiential travel for group and bespoke tours of all ages. Our founders, experienced travel specialists, Bermet Butesheva and Zhanarkul Dokturbekova, have a combined 12 years of experience creating tailor-made holidays.

We offer:
  • tweaked and shaped tours;
  • hidden places;
  • authentic experience;
  • expertly handled service
Our connection to local community

Terra Montis actively seeks engagement with the local communities in order to make genuine experience for its guests come into contact with culture and life. Ranging from collective of hands craftsmen in wool and ceramic art, traditional Eagle hunters, local folk art to the equestrian games, either preserving culture and supporting local communities.

Nomadic art
Traditional art from Central Asia has been celebrated for its intricate craftsmanship and timeless appeal. Local communities of artisans will show you the wonderful world of highly varied handmade crafts.
Salbuurun- Eagle hunting
Salbuurun- Association of traditional eagle hunters in Kyrgyzstan. With its long history and deep cultural roots, this nomadic heritage is a unique and exciting experience for nomadic nations.
Folk music
Folk music is a rich and diverse tradition that has been shaped by the turbulent history. Folk groups like Ordo Sahkna play a very distinct music that reflects the wide range of cultures present in the region.
Equestrian games
Horses have been an integral part of the culture for centuries in Central Asia. Nomadic games are exciting spectacles that involve skill, agility, and speed of riders and horses.

We created:

50 activities in 3 countries
1000+ memories within Central Asia
200+ happy guests from all over the world
We open the soul of Central Asia! Make an appointment and design your unique adventure!
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